Nothing worth making me sad is in the walk of life

Yet not a soul habitual of finding reasons to smile I am;

This is when the neutrality of life dawns upon me,

Forcing me to think who I am, with what strange motives.


Finding someone who can assist me,

In getting the answers to those mysterious questions;

I find only me, the wind, the stars and the trees,

WHO, sometimes quiten up,

Resonating the helplessness within my heart.


Yet there akways remains a hope,

For the leaves on tree tops to shake And winds to blow;

Engulfing me with the vibes,

Of some unknown entity.


And finally, the single loud cry is heard,

Crying out loud, telling me that;

I am a soul that cannot be known

And finally, ending all the questions within me,

I sleep forever on the stones…………


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