“Sometimes you put the walls not to keep people out but to see who cares enough to break them down” – Socrates

This thought can be taken to mean a lot of things depending on the angle. Firstly, talking at an individual level, it may refer to the limitations that we all set up which we never wish to cross or sometimes do not have the guts to cross and be free. People have a tendency to keep on  asking for more and more freedom just for heck of asking for it. But before asking for freedom from whatever or whomsoever, don’t you think that it is essential to be free from your own limitations (i.e. the boundaries created by you in your mind).

For clarification, the boundaries here does not refer to norms of the society but the unnecessary boundaries that are imposed on you by your own self. These boundaries are the boundaries on your mind and thinking which does not allow you to think what you wish to. One common example of such boundaries is “What will people think? or Am I supposed to think this? or Does it concern me?”

These boundaries have turned us into extremely selfish people and by the practise of thinking only about ourselves, we have forgotten the bigger issues. The big issues for the people of today refer to their daily life issues, or at the most the issues concerning their own country whereas the bigger issue at hand is actually the breaking of the boundaries on our thinking and thinking instead of being knowledgeable or thinking about our fellow beings inhabited in this globe who need empathy.

People in their lives keep on waiting for a person who would come and break their boundaries and release the unnecessary burden but very rarely, anyone turns up. People act as if they are testing the world by putting the boundaries, waiting for a soul who cares to break their boundaries. Don’t you think that it’s our duty towards the universe  or humanity to free ourselves from our own boundaries and think for the betterment of this place.


Secondly,talking of the bounaries in society. Don’t you think that we are engulfed by boundaries on all sides and are being suffocated by these boundaries of various kinds such as the boundaries based on caste, creed, religion, colour, sex, etc. which are created by us and don’t you think that it is our own duty to break them.

But the people of today have no time to think of these issues because their attention is focused on petty issues thought by them as the big issues. The excuse that the people give for not trying to break these boundaries is that “I did not create the boundaries.” I would ask them that if they didn’t then atleast a human being like them did. Since the whole world started with a single cell, therefore whoever were the people who created these bounaries have something in them which is present in us as well as we all have evolved from the same single cell. We all need to understand that the whole universe is closely connected and hence we should try to correct the wrongs done by the less known.

It is rightly said that “In olden times, people had no watches but had plenty of times but nowadays, all people have watches but no time.” It is in the olden times that people had time to think about these issues and take appropriate steps towards crushing these boundaries. People like Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and many more tried their best and not only took the first most difficult step in their journey of breaking these boundaries but also followed this path till their last breadth. We remember them on some occasional days but forget what they actually taught us. We are running away from our responsibilities and are waiting our whole life for a magic to take place. We need to wake from the sleep of ignorance and take the initiative of breaking these boundaries- social as well as  individual………….


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