Darkness attracts a human more than the light because the actual beauty of lightness lies in the darkness. Even a ‘glow-worm’ has no value if there is no darkness. Light always comes after the darkness.

Every human in his lifetime once enters into the darkness. In the beginning,  one suffers the pangs of darkness butt gradually he gets used to it and never wants to come out of it. People want to remain in darkness because of the simple reason that they get ‘sympathy’ from others while being darkness and they even feel a part of this today’s gloomy and complicated  world and by being in darkness, they no longer out of the place.

The sole purpose of life is not ‘grave’ (that is eternal darkness) but the life itself which signifies light. In other words, the very purpose of life is to experience the brightest light that comes after getting through the dark phase.

If a person succeeds in coming out of the darkness or rather tranferring his darkness itself into light by burning the light (that is the light of goodness, positivity and desire to live for others) within his own self, only then he experiences the divine light and feels at the top of the world. According to me, that is the last stage of achievement a person can reach in his life.    “DARKNESS THEREFORE IS NOTHING BUT PURE LIGHT”.




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