The life began with a singke cell and from that evolved life which is represented in the form many organisms , plants and animals and the most important amongst them being ‘humans’ possesed with special ability to understand the world. The man started to observe and understand his surroundings and the world. The more he “tried” to understand, the more he understood and as a result was  able to compile unlimitd amount of knowledge in the form of books. But the qustion is , where did this whole understanding and knowledge come from?


The more he tried to tap out knowledge from his innerself, the more easily it started to flow out. Therefore, it is clear that the vast ocean of knowledge lies within each one of us but he question is how many of us realise this and finally be ready to explore ourselves.

Man has been able to collect so much of knowledge that has been compiled into unlimited (millions and billions)  number of books and due to this the today’s generation is simply spending all the time reading the books and aquiring the knowledge collected by their ancestors rather than understanding their own selves. They have simply been told and conditioned to read and aquire the information that can provide them with degrees in order to get lucrative jobs. In other words, the scedule of their life has been made so tight that they have no time to introspect which is essential in order to tap the ocean of knowledge within you.  They are simply devoid of the time to think. That is the reason that today only engineers and doctors are born rather than intellectuals (like , Aristotle , Sigmund freud etc.).

They simply read the material in the form of books etc. that the society wants them to read (the specified syallabuses etc.) and presume the information given in those books to be completely true rather than reading the information and analysing what they have read . “BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN ALSO BE CORRECT AND CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.”

Always have “me time” and introspect in order to have the ideas that can change the world………









6 thoughts on “WITHIN YOU”

    1. Thnx for reading post …….. and yeah I agree that inspite of so many books, we remain ignorant because today people read the nooks only to get degrees and not knowledge………. looking forward 2 hear more frm u about other posts as well 🙂

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    1. Its good to know that u research about the answers urself but one should never consider his knowledge about anything perfert and should always try to view the concept from some different angle and get something new out of it…….

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