There is a universal definition of the word “GOD”. People and the holy books define “GOD” as the supreme power and the creator of this world ( i.e. all the organisms) but do they have any evidence or proof to prove their point and the interesting part is that this definition of “GOD” is considered true by all of us because of the simple reason that we fear to go against the word of the holy books.

It is very difficult for a single person or human to understand the whole creation and for the reason that humans do not want to waste their time in understanding the life so the holy books have already given them the answer “that God created us all”, however unproven and unauthentic.

According to me, God is just a’concept’. A concept in which we believe or rather a concept which to be believed in is necessary for our existence. I am not against the word of the holy books for making it obligatory/mandatory for us to believe in God by saying that “it controls everything”. It is rather beneficial for the human existence because if there is no concept such as that of God, people would get frustrated with their lives very soon and would start to understand life instead of living it.

Every individual in this world is dependent. We are dependent on our parents, teachers and friends in various different ways but when someone whom we were dependent on is parted from us, we then need someone to blame for this partition and the best idea is to blame God because he is not going to physically come down and attack or abuse us for blaming him. It is necessary to believe in God ( the big guy concept) because we at times need to ask for various things and the only way to express those desires is by asking for the fulfillment of these desires from God ( which in doing so simply means saying them aloud to your own-self i.e. your own conscience).

People think of God as being in human form. They regard idols like Krishna, Ram, Jesus and Mohammad as God but they never said in their lives that they were god. Jesus said, “I am the son of God” but still people want to believe that God exists just like them in the human form and is sitting up in the clouds controlling everything and therefore they prefer to believe in their own illusions and ideas. I think its better to worship the air we breath that contains a certain amount of oxygen that is the sole reason of our existence rather than worshipping the pictures.

Some of the people say or rather some of the saints say that they have conversations with God. It is not that they are lying but they are actually not themselves able to understand what is happening with them. When a person has courage to ask a question to his own self and gets an answer from within himself, he then tends to repeat the process of asking and answering of questions in his lifetime and start to have conversation with his inner self, but unable to understand that he is conversing with his own self, he tends to believe that he is actually conversing with “GOD” simply because it sounds special and something great to his ears.

If you are in a problem and don’t know the solution to the problem, then in such a situation in order to not lose hope and not be so negative that you go against your existence, you simply need to get that problem out of your head and that can only be done by simply leaving everything to some greater power and that is God. Believing in the concept of God is very necessary because at some point of your life, everyone of us face such situations which we cannot handle alone and we need a greater force to push us through these problems and this prompts us to believe in the concept called GOD. This belief shows us a silver lining (hope) behind the dark clouds (problems). It increases our faith in ourselves and it is only when we think that we can cross the hurdles of life that we do.

The concept of God also checks kindness and compassion in society. People because of the fear that God is watching them do not cause harm to other individuals. I would like to conclude that it is actually necessary or rather advisable for all of us to believe in “GOD” but at the same time it is even necessary for us to actually understand what we are believing in and why and I hope the right answer eludes us all……..


3 thoughts on “GOD– THE BIG GUY CONCEPT”

  1. I love the spirit with which you write about God. The fact that you realize we need a God is a great step. I, as a God follower, must say that when I pray I am not praying to myself but to the spirit of Jesus Christ, left as a helper for anyone who believes. The reason you do not see this is because you do not believe He exists, only those who believe hear from God. If you want to really know if a God exists, just ask and He will show Himself to you! I appreciate your post, even if I disagree.


    1. Thnx for ur feedback…… I am a thiest myself ….. what I wrote was what I think god is and not what I believe god to be ….. I read the holy book daily. ….. and since I mostly prefer solitude, I myself imagine having conversations with god and at a point I simply consider him as an invisible friend………… the crucs of everything is that there is a lot of difference in what u think is true and what u believe in……… I simply believe in “god” not paying attention to what he is because its sometimes good not to know all the answers…..


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